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Name: Moka
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 115
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Brunette
Languages: English



I love going out and about the town with a person with a great personality. I know it may sound simple, but it is actually the best way to get to know somebody. The fun activities that could be involved don’t hurt the equation either if you know what I’m saying. Let’s meet up at your hotel, I could be your personal tour guide and show you all the great spots for any festivities we could be in the mood for. Let’s find a quiet spot for some great Chinese food, and then maybe head to a local bar with a quiet atmosphere. Let’s not forget the numerous clubs we could head to if you happen to be of a more active taste. The whole point of our interaction is for us to have and I want to help you do that.